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We work as a team obtaining extraordinary results.

Stanislav Grof

Stanislav Grof, M.D., PhD., Is a psychiatrist with over sixty years of experience investigating holotropic states of consciousness, a large and important subset of non-ordinary states that have healing, transformative, heuristic, and evolutionary potential. In the past, he was Principal Investigator at the Center for Psychiatric Research at the Institute for Psychiatric Research in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Head of Psychiatric Research at the Johnland Center for Psychiatric Research, Assistant Professor at the Baltimore Psychiatric University in Baltimore, and Scholar in Residence at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

Brigitte Grof

Brigitte Grof is a registered psychologist and licensed psychotherapist and artist with over 30 years of experience in Holotropic Breathing and expanded states of consciousness. From the beginning he has taught modules in the USA, France and Germany. Since 2014 he has developed and taught his own individual therapy method. His artistic work has been inspired by his experiences in expanded states of consciousness and by shamanic art from different cultures. In 2017 his book The True King, An Illustrated Spiritual Fable was published in English.


Viktoria Luchetti


He was born in Germany. She was trained as a Waldorf Teacher and has worked with children for over 35 years.


Javier Charme


Clinical Psychologist with Transpersonal orientation, Graduated in Psychology from the USTO of Chile ...


We work as a team obtaining extraordinary results.

Clinical Psychologist, Master in Psychology of physical activity and sport. University Professor of Humanistic Clinical Psychology - Transpersonal, Theories of Psychology and Professional Skills. Organize and coordinate modules, workshops and congresses in South America.

Paula Guzmán Luvecce

Chile - Latin America Coordinator

Certified Facilitator in Holotropic Breathing and Transpersonal Psychology. Creator of the Body-Dance-Consciousness method. Consultant in Transpersonal Psychology and Teacher in Primal Dance. Graduate and Specialist in Education from UCM, Colombia.

Margarita Bravo

Colombia Coordinator

Professor at the Columbia Foundation for Consciousness and Energy. Holotropic Breathing Facilitator. Ontological Coach, Transpersonal Coach, Primal Dance Teacher, Internal Qi Qong and Tai Chi-Chi Kung Instructor.

Alberto Attias

Argentina Coordinator

César Farías Clinical psychologist, with a master's degree in Social Management (2001). He is a certified ontological coach and a founding member of the International Federation.

César Farías

Peru Coordinator

Musician graduated from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and practices in music therapy. More than eight years of experience in shamanism and taking of sacred plants. She is pursuing her second degree in clinical psychology and Gestalt psychotherapy. He is a founding member and vice president of the Transpersonal Association of Peru.

Jean Paul Dufour

Peru Coordinator


José Luis López

México Coordinator